Perspective Icons

A set of 50+ icons, optimized for OmniFocus.

Custom icons for OS X and iOS.

We love OmniFocus. We use it every day on our Macs and iOS devices. But you know how you’re always fiddling with its perspective icons? How you find a set that looks good enough, but that’s not made specifically for OmniFocus?

That’s what we wanted to fix. We’ve made our own set of Perspective Icons that you can use on your non-Retina and Retina devices. It’s optimized for OmniFocus, but you can use it anywhere else. And it’s available at $9.99.

In our initial set, we've included 50 different icons for the most common perspectives: default ones like Inbox and Review, as well as custom ones such as Team, Personal, House, or Work. We covered the basics: we have spent hours researching common patterns of OmniFocus usage, and our 50 icons should fit with the OmniFocus perspective setup you already have. The icons are named with our suggestions for perspectives, but you're free to use them in other contexts -- no pun intended.

Icon sets shouldn't suck on Retina displays. Our icons come in two sizes: 32x32 pixels, for non-Retina devices; 64x64 pixels, handcrafted for Retina Macs and iOS devices. Each size has been carefully designed to look gorgeous on standard and high-resolution displays.

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Works on iOS
Our icons are optimized for modern iOS devices. Further, they automatically sync with your existing copy of OmniFocus for Mac. It’s actually easier than brewing a good espresso. In OmniFocus for iOS, simply head over the Perspectives view to find all your context-based Perspectives. They will use the same icons you chose on the Mac, and they will look great on Retina devices.

In the past months, we have released two free updates to our original set. Now, by buying Perspective Icons, you'll get 30 extra icons at the same price of $9.99 - for a total of 80 icons.


You can buy our Perspective Icons set for $9.99. Purchase is done using PayPal and our E-Junkie store.

Perspective Icons are designed with OmniFocus users in mind, but you can use them in any other app that allows customization.
Our set is, in fact, released under a Personal license for an unlimited use of the icons on your personal devices. For other licensing options (using them on websites or commercial projects), please contact us.

For more information on the icons, Retina sizes, sync, and more, read our F.A.Q. section here.

What others are saying:
"Beautiful work — you're going to have a lot of insta-buys. From all of us at Omni, well done!"

- The Omni Group

"Great tools aren't just powerful, they're personal. Perspectives help tailor OmniFocus to reflect how you actually think and work and, thanks to these icons, now they can look like a natural part of your toolbar."

- Justin Lancy, Veritrope

"I really like these beautiful icons."

- Kourosh Dini, author of Using OmniFocus

"I already feel like OmniFocus is an old friend. Adding Silvia's icons feels like buying an old friend a new outfit."

- David Sparks, MacSparky

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