Perspective Icons In Other Contexts

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 by icons & coffee

When we designed Perspective Icons, we optimized them for OmniFocus. Soon after the first release, we started hearing from our customers that they were using Perspective Icons in other apps and workflows, so we decided to reach out to them.

Brett Terpstra is well known in our community for producing an insane amount of cool stuff that enhances everyone’s productivity. When Brett linked to Perspective Icons in December, he mentioned that he was using them in OmniFocus as well as mind maps. Last week, we got in touch with Brett and asked him about his mind mapping setup:

In addition to enhancing OmniFocus, the Perspective icons are great for project-planning mind maps. For my software projects, I usually have branches for a roadmap (with version sub-topics), file links, todo lists and random ideas that haven’t been incorporated into a planned feature yet, among other topics. Having a visual representation is a big help in organizing a mind map, and the Perspective icons fit perfectly into my project planning setup.

While we didn’t think of mind mapping, Brett’s implementation of Perspective Icons is certainly interesting. Make sure to check out Brett’s site and to follow him on Twitter as @ttscoff.

Sean Korzdorfer is a good friend of ours who piques our interest on a daily basis with cool links on Twitter and great ideas in an open notebook. Alongside OmniFocus, Sean is using Perspective Icons with Alfred, Running with Crayons’ excellent launcher for OS X:

The Perspective Icons are a natural fit for how I work. They’re strong enough to express nouns and verbs at a glance, yet beautifully crafted with a relaxing sense of whimsy. What can I say, I’m a sucker for whimsy.

Thanks to Alfred 2′s support for customizable workflows, Sean managed to create actions that use Perspective Icons to offer a further visual indication. You can find Sean on Twitter as @ChewingPencils.

We look forward to hearing from more of our customers about their use of Perspective Icons. If you have found ways to use the icons in other contexts (pun intended), let us know on Twitter or send us an email.

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