Perspective Icons 2 – FAQ

What is this?

A Frequently Asked Questions section.

Okay, but what is it about?

Our Perspective Icons 2 set. You can read more about it here.

Are you affiliated with The Omni Group?

We are not. We make no guarantees as to whether OmniFocus 2 Pro will always have the “customize perspective icons” feature or not. In fact, while our icons look great with OmniFocus 2, you can still use them in any other app that allows for icon customization.

What is the license for Perspective Icons 2?

We have a very simple license. You can use the icons on all your personal devices and apps. You can read the full text of the Personal License here.

Which version of OmniFocus 2 do I need to change my perspective icons?

You will need OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac, available as an In-App Purchase for OmniFocus 2 on the Mac App Store or directly from the Omni Store. Only OmniFocus 2 Pro features the ability to create custom perspectives and therefore change their icons.

How do I change the perspective icons in OmniFocus?

In OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac, click Perspectives in the menu bar, then Show Perspectives. Your perspectives are listed on the left side of this new window; to change the icon, drop the new icon onto the icon preview on the right. Alternatively, you can click the triangle button in the icon preview to select one manually from the Finder.

Here’s the process illustrated in three screenshots: Step 1; Step 2;Step 3.

Can I use Perspective Icons on iOS?

Yes, but you’ll need to sync your perspectives and custom icons from OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac. Using either Omni Sync Server or another sync provider, make sure that both OmniFocus for Mac and iPhone are syncing the same database. Once you’ve customized your perspectives on the Mac, they will show up with custom icons on the iPhone (after an initial sync) in the Perspectives view.

Can I change the icons directly on iOS?

Unfortunately, The Omni Group doesn’t provide such functionality for iOS users. You’ll need to sync the icons from OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac.

Where are perspectives in OmniFocus 2 for iPhone?

In the main screen of the iPhone app, tap Perspectives at the bottom. You’ll see a list of all your perspectives (with custom icons).

Can I change the icons for the default perspectives in OmniFocus 2?

Unfortunately, you can’t replace default perspective icons. You can only recreate similar perspectives manually with filters.

Can I keep the icons in both the sidebar and the toolbar in OmniFocus 2 for Mac?

Yes you can! Just right-click (Control-click) the toolbar and select “Customize Toolbar…”. From the panel, you’ll be able to select your custom perspectives and drag them into the toolbar.

What is the file format of the icons?

Perspective Icons come as transparent .png files with separate 32×32 and 64×64 pixel sizes. The icons are organized in folders and they are named after suggestions for your existing perspectives; you will receive the download as a link to a .zip archive. 32×32 versions are optimized for non-Retina devices. 64×64 versions are optimized for Retina devices.

Can I keep separate icon sizes for non-Retina and Retina devices?

You can’t. OmniFocus can only use one version of an icon when syncing with multiple devices. You can’t use a 32×32 icon for a non-Retina device and a 64×64 icon for Retina, for the same perspective at the same time. You have to choose between the 32×32 and 64×64 pixels versions.

I have a non-Retina Mac and Retina iOS devices. What should I do?

The 64×64 pixels version is the one optimized for Retina. If you prioritize quality of the icons on iOS, your best option is to use the Retina version on a non-Retina Mac. It won’t look as crisp as the 32×32 version made for non-Retina devices, but it’ll look gorgeous on Retina iOS devices.

All my devices are Retina. Which size should I use?

In that case, use the 64×64 pixels version of the icons and you’ll be all set.

All my devices are non-Retina. Which size should I use?

The 32×32 version of the icons.

I changed the icons but I’m not seeing my perspectives on iOS. Why?

Due to OmniFocus’ architecture, only context-based perspectives sync to iOS.

I don’t have OmniFocus 2. Can I still use these icons?

You can, as explained in the License. You can use the icons in any other app that allows customization on your personal devices. You can also read about other uses for our old set of Perspective Icons here.

So how do I pay for this?

Right now, we accept PayPal through our E-Junkie store, or credit cards via Gumroad. You can click the Buy buttons here.

Are you actual human beings?

We are. We live in Italy. Robots wouldn’t be capable of enjoying a good espresso.

Why should I trust you?

We’ve been selling icons to thousands of customers for two years now. We promise we won’t spam you after the purchase, and we won’t share your email address with third-parties.

Are you on Twitter?

Yes. We’re @iconsandcoffee.

I haven’t found the answer I’m looking for.

You can send us an email. Check out the Contact page for details.

Thanks for the explanation, where can I buy Perspective Icons 2?

You can click the Buy buttons here. Thanks!