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Your perspectives, redesigned.

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100 icons, optimized for OmniFocus 2.

Custom perspectives in OmniFocus 2 are great, but they deserve an icon set to make them instantly recognizable, easy to remember, and colorful. That's why we created Perspective Icons 2.

With 100 icons available in multiple colors and resolutions, our set will let you add a touch of personality to your OmniFocus 2 custom perspectives. Whether it's for work or play, team management or that trip to Italy you need to organize, Perspective Icons 2 has the right icon for the right context.

Our set has been designed specifically for OmniFocus 2, and it's available at $14.99.

Your perspectives, redesigned.
When we released the first Perspective Icon set two years ago, our goal was clear: to give OmniFocus users the best icons for their workflows. Our goal hasn't changed, but OmniFocus has. For the past two years, we've been listening to the OmniFocus community and Perspective Icons users. We've collected hundreds of ideas for custom perspectives. We’ve selected and refined icons that will help people get more out of custom perspectives.

The result feels right at home in OmniFocus 2, on both OS X and iOS (iPhone preview). With vibrant colors and handcrafted details, custom perspectives never looked so good.
Of course, the set is built and optimized for OmniFocus 2, but it looks great in other contexts such as mind maps, essays, workflows, or presentations. Here’s a screenshot of Perspective Icons 2 in MindNode, and here’s the icons used in an Alfred workflow. See how others have been using Perspective Icons here.

You can use Perspective Icons 2 on all your personal devices and apps with our Personal license. For other licensing options, get in touch.

Retina-ready. Pro-only. Future-proof.
Custom perspectives should be bright and crisp on Retina displays. Our icons come in two sizes: 32x32px, built for non-Retina devices; and 64x64px, designed for high-resolution displays. All sizes are optimized for modern iOS devices running iOS 7+ and the latest version of OmniFocus 2, and, once installed on the Mac, custom perspective icons will sync to your iOS device.
Furthermore, you’ll get multiple color versions in one convenient bundle: pick the icons you prefer from the default style, or choose others from one of our 4 monochrome styles.
Our set is compatible with OS X Mavericks and iOS 7. Living on the edge? Perspective Icons 2 already works with OS X Yosemite and iOS 8, due later this year.

Upgrade your OmniFocus today.
The ability to customize perspectives is only available in OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac, sold separately by The Omni Group. For details on installation and sync, check out our F.A.Q. page here. For additional questions or information, send us an email.

We love OmniFocus 2. And we love customizing it even more. Get Perspective Icons 2 at $14.99.
Purchase is done using PayPal with our E-Junkie store or a credit card with Gumroad.

What others are saying:
"Another Icons & Coffee set that makes OmniFocus look great. We're sure this is going to be another popular set of icons. Congratulations!"

The Omni Group

"These look gorgeous in OmniFocus 2. A perfect complement to the new interface!"

Brett Terpstra

"They’re gorgeous. Great work!"

Merlin Mann