Perspective Icons 1.1

Monday, December 31st, 2012 by icons & coffee

As we announced last week, today we’re releasing a first update to our Perspective Icons for OmniFocus.

The update includes 12 of the most requested icons by our users:

  • All
  • Class
  • Defer
  • Family
  • Free Time
  • Icons & Coffee – Note: for all coffee aficionados – pick your own name!
  • Me (woman) – Note: perfect for husbands too! 
  • Priority: Low
  • Priority: Medium
  • Priority: High
  • Start
  • Week

As with the initial set, the icons come in two separate sizes: 32×32 pixels for non-Retina devices; 64×64 pixels, optimized for Retina. Details on sizes, Retina, sync, and how to install the icons are available in our FAQ.

Customers who bought the initial set of 50 icons will receive an email containing a link to download the updated set for free; new customers will automatically get the original set and the update by buying the icons starting today.

We’re extremely thankful for the support you’ve shown so far. If you have suggestions for new icons, please send us an email or get in touch on Twitter.

From the Icons & Coffee team, Happy New Year!

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