Introducing Essence

Monday, October 14th, 2013 by icons & coffee

When we saw iOS 7 for the first time last June at WWDC, we knew that we wanted to design an icon set that developers could use in their apps. We took our time to study the iOS 7 aesthetic, consider how we’d apply our vision to Apple’s implementation, we had a lot of espressos…and we came up with Essence.

Available today, Essence is an icon set designed for iOS 7 that includes 300 unique icons designed to match iOS’ new look. Each icon has been meticulously designed, and, for each icon, we’ve included both normal and filled-in states so you’ll be able to choose the best version to suit your needs.

In the download, you’ll find the icons as standalone PNGs in dark gray and white; an .ai document to access the icons as scalable and re-usable vector files; a .pdf document to view the full set in a scalable format; and, as a text file, our license. Essence is attribution-free and can be used in an unlimited number of apps, websites, user interfaces, or any other project.

For iOS developers, Essence is easy to work with: the PNG files are ready for Xcode, and they cover a wide range of categories from productivity and lifestyle to weather and food. We have spent a lot of time matching Apple’s iOS 7 guidelines with our taste for an Icons & Coffee set, and we think we have a great solution with Essence. You can view a full preview (at 2x) of Essence here.

We’re charging $19.99 for this set for a limited time. After the initial sale, the price will go up to $29.99. By buying Essence once, you’ll get access to free updates we may release in the future, which we’ll notify you about via email.

We appreciate your support. For more details, you can read our product page. For any additional questions or comments, you can find us on Twitter or email us.

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