300+ icons, optimized for iOS 7.

300 unique icon designs + 300 custom filled versions. Perfect for your new apps.

When we first saw iOS 7 in June, we knew that we wanted to design an icon set for it. We took our time and we carefully crafted Essence, a set that includes 300 icons, ready for iOS 7.

Essence is exactly what you need to save time and get your app design ready for iOS 7. With a total of 300 unique designs, Essence offers high-quality, detailed, attribution-free icons that cover a wide range of categories from productivity and lifestyle to weather and food. Each of the 300 icons includes a filled "selected” version — so you can choose which icon is best for your app.

Buy Essence today, and you’ll get free updates with new icons in the upcoming months.

Modern. Essential.
Every icon in Essence has been designed to match iOS 7 aesthetically. Following our vision for what iOS 7 icons should be, every detail has been thoughtfully considered; every line drawn with precision.

Ready for your apps. And ready for everything else.
In your download, you’ll find a .zip archive containing transparent PNG files at standard and @2x resolutions in both white and dark gray (25x25 pixels and 50x50 pixels, respectively, as specified by Apple for tab bar icons).

For iOS app developers, the PNG files are ready for Xcode 5 and they have been designed following Apple’s iOS 7 guidelines. Files are organized in folders and they have a unique filename.

In addition to PNGs, we provide an .ai file with all the icons in vector format, ready to be adjusted to your needs and exported. If you want a scalable preview with vector shapes without using Illustrator, we include a PDF document, too. With the vector files, you’ll be able to modify the icons and use them in any other product you want, at any size. Essence is scalable and easy to work with.

Essence is attribution-free for an unlimited number of projects. You can read our license here. For additional questions or information, send us an email.


You can buy our Essence set for $29.99. Purchase is done using PayPal and our E-Junkie store.

What others are saying:
"The largest and best quality collection of iOS 7 inspired icons I’ve seen to date. Great stuff!"

- Marc Edwards, Bjango

"Essence is going to be a great asset to anyone designing iOS 7 apps."

- Ken Yarmosh, Savvy Apps