Introducing Perspective Icons 2

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014 by icons & coffee

When we released the original Perspective Icons in 2012, we wanted to give OmniFocus users an icon set made specifically for the app – a set capable of encapsulating common usage patterns of custom perspectives and combining them with unique icons designed exclusively for OmniFocus.

Today, we’re back with Perspective Icons 2, a brand new set of 100 icons for OmniFocus 2 that features a stunning new design, more perspectives and colors, and a renewed focus on making the best icon set for OmniFocus. We love OmniFocus and we think that custom perspectives are one of its most powerful features, but they deserve an icon set that makes them memorable and instantly recognizable. So, we set up our espresso machine, went back to the drawing board (quite literally), and we designed fresh icons based on OmniFocus’ new look.

For the past two years, we’ve been listening to our customers and the OmniFocus community, and we’ve come up with 100 icons for popular perspectives that you’ll be able to customize in OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac, syncing them back to iOS. We’ve designed custom icons for productivity and lifestyle, work and leisure – our goal is to give every OmniFocus user a better starter kit for custom perspective icons.

In the set, you will find 100 .png icons in two resolutions (32x32px and 64x64px) with five color variations (one default color style plus four monochrome versions). Our icons are optimized for Retina displays, they sync from OmniFocus 2 Pro for Mac to iOS, and they will be compatible with iOS 8 and OmniFocus 2 for iPad. Beyond OmniFocus, Perspective Icons 2 are a great fit for other personal uses such as mind maps, academic essays, presentations, Alfred workflows, and more. See how others have been using Perspective Icons here.

We’re charging $9.99 for this set for a limited time. After the initial sale, the price will go up to $14.99. You can pay via PayPal on our E-Junkie store or with a credit card on Gumroad.

We appreciate your support. For more details, you can read our product page. For any additional questions or comments, you can find us on Twitter or email us.

And if you ever happen to be around Viterbo, espresso is on us.

Essence 1.1

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 by icons & coffee

As we announced last month, today we’re releasing an update to our Essence icon set.

Here’s a preview of the new icons in Essence’s 1.1 update.

The update includes 50 of the most requested icons by our customers, and it expands upon Essence’s focus on productivity, media, and food-themed icons, among others.

Customers who bought the initial set of 300+ icons will receive an email containing a link to download the updated set for free; new customers will automatically get the original set and the update by buying the icons starting today.

As with the initial set, the icons come in two separate versions: outlined and filled, available as PNG files and vector formats. With this update, we’ve added blue PNGs (white and gray PNGs were already included in version 1.0) and a PSD file (in addition to AI and PDF files).

We’re extremely thankful for the support you’ve shown so far. If you have feedback or questions, please send us an email or get in touch on Twitter.

An Update On Essence

Monday, January 13th, 2014 by icons & coffee

The response to our Essence icon set has been amazing. Essence is now used in dozens of iOS apps and web projects, and we couldn’t be more grateful for the great feedback and suggestions we’ve received thus far.

We are working hard on the first update to Essence, which will include new icons. The update will be free to existing customers and will be sent over email. We can’t promise an exact release date at this point, but it’s coming soon, and we’re very excited about it.

Thank you for buying Essence and for your support. If you have further suggestions, feedback, or questions, feel free to send us an email or ping us on Twitter.

Black Friday 2013 Sale

Friday, November 29th, 2013 by icons & coffee

Hunting for deals? Looking for icons for your OmniFocus or iOS app? Well, you just happen to be in the right place for both.

For this year’s Black Friday, we’re having a sale on our Perspective Icons and Essence sets: 20% off each! Perspective Icons are available at $7.99 (regular price $9.99) and Essence is discounted at $23.99 (regular price $29.99).

The sale is available until Sunday, so be quick!

Introducing Essence

Monday, October 14th, 2013 by icons & coffee

When we saw iOS 7 for the first time last June at WWDC, we knew that we wanted to design an icon set that developers could use in their apps. We took our time to study the iOS 7 aesthetic, consider how we’d apply our vision to Apple’s implementation, we had a lot of espressos…and we came up with Essence.

Available today, Essence is an icon set designed for iOS 7 that includes 300 unique icons designed to match iOS’ new look. Each icon has been meticulously designed, and, for each icon, we’ve included both normal and filled-in states so you’ll be able to choose the best version to suit your needs.

In the download, you’ll find the icons as standalone PNGs in dark gray and white; an .ai document to access the icons as scalable and re-usable vector files; a .pdf document to view the full set in a scalable format; and, as a text file, our license. Essence is attribution-free and can be used in an unlimited number of apps, websites, user interfaces, or any other project.

For iOS developers, Essence is easy to work with: the PNG files are ready for Xcode, and they cover a wide range of categories from productivity and lifestyle to weather and food. We have spent a lot of time matching Apple’s iOS 7 guidelines with our taste for an Icons & Coffee set, and we think we have a great solution with Essence. You can view a full preview (at 2x) of Essence here.

We’re charging $19.99 for this set for a limited time. After the initial sale, the price will go up to $29.99. By buying Essence once, you’ll get access to free updates we may release in the future, which we’ll notify you about via email.

We appreciate your support. For more details, you can read our product page. For any additional questions or comments, you can find us on Twitter or email us.

Perspective Icons Pro License

Thursday, May 16th, 2013 by icons & coffee

As we previously detailed on our blog, Perspective Icons can be used in other contexts outside of OmniFocus. If you want to use Perspective Icons in your commercial project, you can buy a Pro license.

Here’s how:

  • If you haven’t already, buy Perspective Icons as a regular customer for $9.99;
  • Send us a separate PayPal payment of $30 here. In the payment, add a message with your full name and email;
  • After the second payment, we’ll send you the Pro license to the email address you provided on PayPal.

And that’s it. The Pro license will give you a lifetime, unlimited use of Perspective Icons (and future free updates to the set) in any of your commercial projects.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us on Twitter or via email.

Perspective Icons In Other Contexts

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013 by icons & coffee

When we designed Perspective Icons, we optimized them for OmniFocus. Soon after the first release, we started hearing from our customers that they were using Perspective Icons in other apps and workflows, so we decided to reach out to them.

Perspective Icons 1.2

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013 by icons & coffee

Today, we’re releasing a second update to our Perspective Icons for OmniFocus.

Freebie: Flat Web Icon Set

Monday, January 28th, 2013 by icons & coffee

Greetings, fellow coffee lovers!

While waiting for The Omni Group to share more news about OmniFocus 2, we’ve been working on an icon set to release for free. We call it Flat Web Icon Set and it includes 25 icons for the most popular web services: Twitter, Facebook, RSS,, Rdio, and PayPal are included, among others. You can use the icons in any website or project; we’re simply asking to include a link back to us if you do.

The icons come in two sizes: 32×32 pixels and 64×64 pixels (in .png format). If you’re planning to use the icons on your blog, having separate 32×32 and 64×64 files is a good way to make them Retina-ready for the web. If you don’t like colors, the same icon set also comes in a black & white variation.

You can download the icons for free here.

We appreciate your continued support. To stay up to date on what we’re making, subscribe to this blog’s RSS feed or follow us on Twitter.

Perspective Icons 1.1

Monday, December 31st, 2012 by icons & coffee

As we announced last week, today we’re releasing a first update to our Perspective Icons for OmniFocus.

Perspective Icons: Thank You & Extended Sale

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012 by icons & coffee

Since we released our Perspective Icons set on December 13th, we’ve received tons of amazing feedback from customers and bloggers who have bought the icons and are using them with OmniFocus. Thank you. Your feedback, suggestions, and blog posts have allowed us to make our first release an incredible success. A big “thanks” also goes to The Omni Group for their support.

To show our appreciation, we’ve decided to extend our launch sale to December 31st. Until early Monday morning (US time), you can buy the initial set of 50 Perspective Icons (in two sizes) at 50% off: instead of $9.99, you’ll get them at $4.99. If you still haven’t bought the icons, now’s the time to head over our webpage and click the Buy button.

But there’s more. On the same day the price will go up to $9.99, we’ll also release the first free update to Perspective Icons. The update, free for existing customers, will include the most requested additions to the original set — as usual in both Retina and non-Retina sizes for all your devices. A link to download the new icons will be sent via email to all customers.

We value your feedback and ideas for Perspective Icons. Make sure to follow us on Twitter for updates, or send us an email if you want to get in touch.

Thank you!

Introducing Perspective Icons

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 by icons & coffee

Months in the making, we’re proud to announce our first release: Perspective Icons.